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HERRO! We accept limes, lemons and non-lemons and the following:


Enjoy! :D
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492 Members
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Yes members, it is time to vote for your favourite story!!! What is the process you ask?

All you have to do is comment below the number of the entry, the one with most votes wins.

1. :icondarienoppal:   America X Fem! Reader X Japan: Red Riding HoodAmerica X Fem! Reader X Japan: Red Riding Hood
Kiku's chocolate coloured eyes widened as his jaw slackened, a red blush on his face and his nose dripping blood
"Kiku?" (Name) waved a hand in front of the Japanese man's face.
"Oi, Keeks. Ya in there?" Alfred arched a brow.
"W-why are you both dressed rike that?" He asked his two lovers making them look at each other and back to him.
"Its Halloween and its where we get to dress up. So this year, I'm little red riding hood and Al is the big bad wolf." (Name) bounced, smiling bright.
She then gasped, "You could be the huntsman!"
She wore a loose white dress shirt, a black under the bust corset with (F/C) ribbon, black skinnies, and black combat boots.
A scarlet cloak with a hood was secured around her neck with a white gold brooch, in her left hand was a relatively large basket.
"Do you think it looks weird?" She asked, suddenly self conscious; looking down at her body.
"Quite the opposite." Kiku thought, his eyes moving over her fr
2. :iconmerrina-chan: Under the Same tree [JapanXReader]
It was spring. The nature started to live again. The sun was getting stronger again and filled the city with it warmness. Today would be the Hanami. Like every year Kiku Honda would go there, watching the blooming trees and eat some treats and would just enjoy one day of happiness. But this year something would change it.
Kiku just searched for a quiet place, to rest a little bit and to eat his dangos and Taokyaki, when he found it. The largest Sakura tree in the park. It looked wonderful. He sat down on the ground and leaned against it.
What for a wonderful eve he thought. It was quiet now until he heard someone sobbing
“That’s sounds like someone would cry.” He got up from the ground and walked around the tree until he saw a girl, about his age, may be one or two years younger them him.
She was wearing a [F/C] Yukata. Her face was hidden in her [S/C] hands. But she cried quietly.
“I-i-i‘m sorry. D-d-do you…need help?” he asked then. She to
Votes: 1
3. :iconriverthunder: Seasonal FeathersA long time ago, in a small village in the forest, there lived a hunter who had such kindness in his heart that, one day, he found a crane who had stumbled upon one of his traps and was entangled in the ropes. He freed the bird, and according to legend, the bird decided to repay him one day with its feathers during his time of illness….
Matthew and River met five years previously, during a snowstorm when River had knocked on his door looking for shelter from the blistering cold. Matthew had let her inside, and after about a week of them being trapped inside by the blizzard, where River helped Matthew and the two enjoyed each other’s company, they began to form feelings for one another.
The two of them had married three years later, and they were one of the cutest couples in the village. Everyone always talked of the sweet way Matthew treated River and the kind and gentle way she treated Matthew in return. Their lives could not be better.
Votes: 5
4. :iconmlitke1998: (your deviation was deleted) Votes:
5. :iconravenanderson: Iceland x Reader
That voice. It was familiar. VERY familiar. It was as if he has heard it for a very long period of time. He felt as if he had to love it very much.
Wait, where was he?
What time is it?
Why can't he feel his body, as if it was gone?
“Emil...” That voice again. It didn't sound as blunt like earlier, though. It was as if it was about to cry; break down. It was cracked. He could hear her silent, and muffled sobs and hiccups, as if she was trying to hide the fact that she was crying.
Why, though?
Why would she cry for him?
Whoever this person was, what was she to his life?
Questions lingered through his mind, but they were shattered by the voice again.
“There's a possibly that you can hear me, but I doubt that. If you do, though, it's me, . Remember? I'm your lover. We're childhood friends. We spend nearly every moment and time we have together.”
Ah, that's right. He remembers now. . His most beloved. They would laugh, cry, rage, and do al
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